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SWOP 2019 Exhibition

The biennial packaging world (Shanghai) exhibition named SWOP will be ceremoniously held from 25-28 Nov. It's not only an influential platform to show products, but also a great opportunity for professtional communication during packaging industries. Let's meet in Shanghai New International Expo Center and share this industrial feast together!

SHUNDA-made intelligent paper cup machine uses open type gear drive, which optimizes the transmission structure, distributes functions reasonably in order to reduce the abrasion caused by machine' s inertia movement. The whole production process is monitored by photoelectric sensors to improve the performance and guarantee stable running. With PLC control system, the machine has realized automatic shutdown when meeting fault so that it can decrease the labor intensity and beef up its stability. Though simplifying the process of cup making by paper feeding, bonding, bottom feeding, cup feeding, heating, bottom rolling, kaffing, cup unloading, finished cup neating, the machine has advantages as follows:

1. The design adopts opening cylinderical cam location with high aaccuracy.

2. The only one have the protection system with hot air system, keep the distance to avoid fire.

3. Machine is controlled by PLC system, and the whole process is monitored by phtotelectric sensors, feeding by servo motor.

4. Hot air system sets up on the fixed plate, do not moving during production. 

5. Oil lubrication system is desinged to reduce wear and dissipate heat.

During this exhibition, We will demostrate our hot machine of SMD-90 which shows the new speed that shunda people constantly pursue. Please believe that we will always keep our spirit of "craftsmanship quality"!

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